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Ruff Diamond Dog Services operates an fully licensed indoor Day Care Centre that offers a doggy day care service to dog owners based in Canterbury, Dover, Folkestone, Whitstable, Deal, Sandwich, Margate, Ramsgate, Ashford, Kent

our 2,000 sq ft indoor  Day Care Centre is brilliant for exercise, socialisation and mental and physical stimulation that all dogs need on a daily basis. During an action-packed day with their friends, your dog will enjoy inside off lead exercise comfy beds, toys and clean drinking water available at all times.


We have different play areas so dogs can be matched on temperament and energy levels. Your dog will be in safe hands and constantly supervised at all times.


To use our Day Care your dog must be up to date with all standard vaccinations including the Kennel Cough vaccination.

*Be friendly with other dogs and people.

*Be in good health and free from flees, ticks or contagious illnesses.

*Not be on the banned dog list, or a cross breed with any dog on the banned dog list.

*Pass our onsite assessment.

*Complete Registration forms.


Sending your dog to Day Care whilst you are at work will eliminate anxiety and contribute to a happy, relaxed, well balanced friend that is a pleasure to live with.


Puppies are welcome too after all vaccinations and parasite treatments have been given






For those that wish to use our service regularly we are able to offer a discount.


FULL DAY                                  £22 per session

Buy 10 sessions in advance    £190 Saving (£30)


Collection and drop service available within a certain area, please ask for details.

Fuel charge will be added.


Here at Ruff Diamond, we like our Daycare to be a happy enviroment. Meaning that, any Dog with anxiety, being Fearful or showing signs of stress will be unable to use our service.



Please contact us for more information or to book a place.


opening times are Monday to Friday 8:00am to 5:30pm


Dropping and picking up your Dog. 8:00am - 9:00am Drop off.

4:00pm - 5:30pm pick up, unless agreed otherwise.








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